Translations - with or without external proofreading

My Fields of Expertise
  • Marketing: marketing plans – product positioning – CRM – consumer behaviour – questionnaires
  • Management: leadership – strategic management – training materials – competency overviews
  • Advertising & PR: websites – brochures – newsletter content – press releases – presentations
  • Education: child and youth development – pedagogy – educational psychology – questionnaires
  • Tourism: hotel descriptions – travel routes – travel guides – food & beverages
  • Literature: fiction – nonfiction – children’s literature

Under Quality you can find out which steps I complete during the translation process. I have also listed a few things that YOU can do to help me deliver a quality translation as quickly as possible.


Four eyes see more than two

For some projects it can be advisable to include external proofreading. This may be the case if the translated text is to be published (or even printed) and no additional checks are included on client side. I offer translation + external proofreading in cooperation with a qualified colleague.

Transcreation - what it is and how much it costs

Transcreation is translation + adaptation of the German target text according to the client’s specifications. While advertisements very clearly fall in this category there are a number of other text types where transcreation should be applied for best results. An easy way to determine whether transcreation is needed is to ask whether the text concerns the image of a brand, a company or a person. In this case translation + adaptation to the new cultural context is highly recommended. This overview is meant to give a clear idea of what transcreation is, who might need it and how costs are calculated.

Translation + DTP: ready-to-print brochures and flyers

Together with graphic designer, illustrator and translator Johanna Leitner I am now able to offer translation + DTP. What that means? You send us your graphics file – brochures, flyers, etc. – and get back the German translation in ready-to-print format.

And how does it work? You send us the graphics file which needs to be translated and include some information about the project. Under Quality you will find some hints and tips on what is important and useful for us to know. We will then look at everything, might get back to you with some questions and then work out your individual quote. How about contacting us for a free consultation?

By the way: If you prefer to do the finetuning of your graphics file yourself we can just insert the translation and leave the rest to you!

Unsure which service you need?

Contact me, I will be happy to help!

Fair calculations – because your money doesn’t grow on trees either

When calculating the price of your translation – whether from English or Spanish – I base it on the number of words found in the original text. Simply send me your document and I will be pleased to send you a detailed quote. My calculations are precise and down to the cent. This way you know exactly what to expect. There are never hidden costs or nasty surprises.

Guaranteed confidentiality!

As a member of BDÜ (the German Federal Association of Interpreters and Translators) and SATI (South African Translators’ Institute), your texts are in good hands with me. It also goes without saying that they will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and discretion. Upon your request, I will be happy to send you a non-disclosure agreement in advance.

Fair. Reasonable. Transparent.

You will always receive an honest customized quote from me. Below I explain which factors play a role when I calculate the total price for your translation. That way you know what’s important right from the start. By the way: Transcreations are not calculated on a per-word but on a per-hour basis. You can find out more in this brief overview.


When I receive your text I count the words to calculate the minimum rate for the translation. If a lot of research is required we will agree on an additional flat fee.


It is most cost efficient if you supply the text as a Microsoft Word document. If you send me PowerPoint files or PDFs, I will add a surcharge of about 10 %.


In urgent cases, it may be possible for me to complete your translation outside of normal business hours, on weekends and holidays. This will involve a surcharge of at least 50 %.


The length and complexity of your text determines the amount of time necessary for completion. Based on my availability and your needs we will agree on a realistic deadline.