Harvest time – the fruits of my labour

Translations that are easy to read, emotional texts, appealing content – these are always the goals I have in mind as I work. They are not met until I am satisfied with my translation – but most importantly when my customer is too. Here you can view my portfolio, where I am proud to present several selected translations. I am especially delighted that a few customers have been willing to share their opinion of me, and my work, with you.

Olivenbaum mit Oliven

Jacobs Foundation – Foundation for Child and Youth Development, Switzerland

Regular translations of website and newsletter content, for example on the Klaus J. Jacobs Awards 2018.
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Westernacher Consulting – a globally active consulting company

Translation of their website content on behalf of the Fachübersetzungsdienst GmbH, Switzerland.

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Training materials for the managerial staff of a renowned hotel chain, English-German

Seminar book on resilience strategies for managerial staff, English-German

Strategy report for a children’s welfare organization, English-German

Competency overview for a large supplier, English-German

ISO certificates for a chemical company, English-German

Marketing materials for a financial service provider, English-German

Applicant questionnaire facilitating an environmental agency’s participation in the “100 Resilient Cities Challenge”, English-German

Questionnaires to determine the digital behaviours of European internet-based clients, English-German

Satisfaction survey for an international business event, English-German

Questions for a guided interview for a frequent flyer program, English-German

Regular translations of documents for internal use for a well-known hotel group: e. g. training material for managerial staff;  leadership frameworks; presentations. Transcreation of marketing texts for the same hotel group.


Sizilienferien – a rental company for holiday homes on Sicily

Translation of their website content on behalf of the Fachübersetzungsdienst GmbH, Switzerland.

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Scientific study in the field of educational psychology, English-German

CVs and cover letters for private individuals, English-German

Job references/performance reports for private individuals, English-German

Reverse translation of a questionnaire for a cross-cultural study, Spanish-German

Questionnaire on inclusive education, English-German

Caroline Lea, The Glass Woman (German title still unknown), Harper Collins 2019, English-German, with Leonie von Reppert-Bismarck.

Miles Young, Ogilvy über Werbung im digitalen Zeitalter, Vahlen Verlag 2019, English-German (Non-Fiction)

Lesley Pearse, Jeden Tag ein bisschen Zuversicht, Bastei Lübbe 2019, English-German, with Leonie von Reppert-Bismarck.

Hannah Kent: Wo drei Flüsse sich kreuzen, Droemer 2017, English-German, with Leonie von Reppert-Bismarck.

Jorge Magano: Der Blick der Medusa, AmazonCrossing 2015, Spanish-German.

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